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Hosted by Ken Stern

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The pandemic has exposed the difficulties experienced every day by tens of millions of caregivers. As highlighted in Stanford Center on Longevity’s Spotlight on Caregiving, many were already facing daunting challenges that negatively impacted mental and physical wellbeing, as well as financial security. The spread of COVID-19 has only exacerbated these issues.

How do we take care of each other during a pandemic? A health care crisis? When we’re 24 or 64? Our new podcast, When I’m 64, aims to shed light on these challenges by bringing together the real-life stories of caregivers and the insights of leading experts.


Episode 15: Biden's New Care Plan

There’s a new president in office, and with him comes a new infrastructure plan, including a plan to improve care infrastructure. But what does the proposed plan entail, and can Washington come together on making it a reality? We got three perspectives. Aisha Adkins is a caregiver and constituency organizer at Caring Across Generations. David Dayen is the Executive Editor of an independent political magazine, The American Prospect. And Terry Fulmer is the President of the John A Hartford Foundation, dedicated to improving the care of older adults. Listen

Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller Rogen - "F**k Alzheimer's"

Taking care of a loved one with Alzheimer’s is an enormous challenge, one that some 16 million Americans will face in 2020.

Lessons from the Pandemic

COVID-19 has added a new and unprecedented layer of complexity to caregiving.

The Power of Engagement

Isolation and loneliness pose significant challenges to caregivers and their loved ones, especially during a pandemic.

Generation Z and Caregiving

More than ten million millennials and members of Gen Z are caregivers to family members.

Caregiving and Technology

For caregivers, technology offers powerful solutions to even the most challenging obstacles for people who both give and receive care.

Special Kind of Care

The enormous task of taking care of those with Alzheimer’s and dementia falls heavily on family and loved ones. Today we share stories – and insight on ways to cope with that burden.

It's a Little Bit Funny

Humor is a powerful tool that can bring us together in unexpected ways. Today we meet a caregiver who was inspired to create a company that creates connection – one laugh at a time.

Financially Secure Caregiving

It seems every caregiver struggles with questions about finances, yet it can be one of the hardest aspects of caregiving to discuss openly.

Military Caregiving

Who takes care of our wounded warriors when they return home? In this episode we look at the challenges military caregivers face.

Caregivers of Adults with (I/DD)

We often think of older adults as care recipients, but for parents of adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD), their caregiving journey can extend into their final years.

Caregiving in the Time of Covid: One Year in

What have we learned about taking care of our loved ones during one of the worst health crises of our time?

Caregiving in the LGBT Community

What would you do if doctors said you weren’t allowed in your partner’s hospital room, or if you saw your loved one being discriminated against and denied care?

Richard Lui and Sky Blossom

There are 5.4 million young caregivers in America – who are stepping forward as frontline heroes. Today we meet five of them – who appear in the new documentary film Sky Blossom