The Stanford Distinguished Careers Institute is a dynamic new program for established leaders from all walks of life who seek to transform themselves for roles with social impact at the local, national, and global levels. In partnership with the Stanford Center on Longevity, this yearlong program utilizes the wealth of innovation and knowledge at one of the world’s finest universities to create new and enriching professional and personal pathways for the next stage of life. The DCI provides the opportunity for about 20 Fellows annually to engage in personal reflection and intellectual exploration in the company of peers who form new and lasting communities and networks.

Charting new intellectual, personal pathways at Stanford
Stanford Report, September 11, 2015

DCIThe Stanford Distinguished Careers Institute brings established leaders in midlife to spend a year at Stanford to engage in personal renewal coupled with community building, networking and a recalibration of health and wellness, to enhance personal transformation and success in their life journey.

The inaugural cohort of 24 fellows – 10 women and 14 men – began the program in January. Seven partners of the fellows also are participating in the program. They’re all “seniors” now.
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Today, DCI shared the list of Fellows and Partners who will be joining the program in January 2016. Learn more >