2023 Winner
Gold – Health and Wellness
Bronze – Documentary

A Lifetime of Inequality

How do we extend longer, healthier lives to more Americans?
It is a fundamental goal of society to afford everyone the chance for a long, productive life, but it is a challenge that we are not yet meeting, as life expectancy diverges enormously across states, counties, towns, and even neighborhoods. And there is not a single cause of these disparities, as some might imagine. Research shows that they are the cumulative consequences of inequalities that begin before birth and extend into late life—and represent the cumulative impact of poverty and disadvantage. Ultimately, until we contemplate the full scope of the challenge, it will be hard to offer anything more than piecemeal solutions.

In Season 4 of our award-winning Century Lives podcast, we investigate a “A Lifetime of Inequality:” the crucial disparities in life expectancy that come as the result of the decisions our society makes—or doesn’t make. Over six episodes, starting in early life and extending across the life course, we’re going to be looking at the big choices that can have enormous impact on the course of our lives.

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