Professor of Sociology, Peking University 
Director, Center for Healthy Aging and Development Studies, Peking University

Jiehua Lu, Ph. D, professor of department of sociology, Peking University, and also deputy director of  Center for Healthy Aging and Development Studies, Peking University. Dr. Lu now serves as the vice president of China’s Population Association and of China’s Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics. His research areas include demography, gerontology, economics of population, and interaction between population and environment. Dr. Lu has been the principal investigator for more than ten key projects and published more than 70 academic papers, including “Chinese Women’s Family Status: Analysis of Chinese Decennial Survey,  1990-2010”,“Associations of chronic conditions, APOE4 allele, stress factors, and health behaviors with self-rated health”, “Patterns of living arrangements of the elderly in Mainland China: changes, consequences and policy implications.”

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