Invitation to Center on Longevity Events
Corporate Affiliates are invited to all events at the Stanford Center on Longevity. These include Center presentations, speaker series, events and briefings. Reports, materials, publications and newsletters are also provided on a regular basis to Affiliates.

Facilitated Access to Research
Exciting new cutting-edge technology and analysis is developed by the Stanford research groups affiliated with the Center. Corporate Affiliates benefit by having facilitated access to these research activities and results through meetings, focused workshops, collaborations and direct dialogue with University researchers. The Center has over 140 faculty affiliates who span the University’s seven schools and represent interdisciplinary research collaborations.

Invitation to Specialized Events
Corporate Affiliates are invited to specialized events at the Center, such as workshops and launch conferences. The Center has developed a particularly interactive meeting model that is different than traditional academic meetings. Instead of focusing on what experts have learned and know as a means of sharing scholarship, the Center’s launch conferences and workshops are a means of identifying new opportunities for advances in scholarship, policy, and practice, by focusing on what experts don’t know and should learn, and how. Launch conferences consist of directed discussions based on clear and results-oriented agendas. The goal is to address key questions that lead to consensus-building and concrete next steps. Participants in the meetings span the academic, business, government and nonprofit worlds, to develop new collaborations and to find practical solutions.

Annual Affiliates Symposium
Each year, the Center hosts an annual Affiliates symposium, which is an interactive discussion about the Center’s research agenda with a particular focus on corporate collaborations. The Center’s first such symposium will occur in the January/February 2015 timeframe, and the Corporate Affiliates will be a part of the planning the agenda for this new offering. The event will include networking time to foster interaction between faculty, center staff, and corporate affiliates.

Participate in the Center’s Annual Design Challenge
Corporate Affiliates are invited to the Center’s Design Challenge events, and are invited to participate as judges in this annual competition. To learn more about the Center’s Inaugural Design challenge and the Center’s current design challenge, see the links below.

Acknowledgement in Center Publications, Websites and Reports
Corporate Affiliates are acknowledged and thanked for their support in the Center’s products on a regular basis.