Financially Secure

In an age of unprecedented longevity, a focus on lifelong individual financial security has never been more crucial. The mission of the Financial Security Division is to bring a unique interdisciplinary perspective to financial security issues facing our society by rethinking the perceived problems around an aging population, especially retirement planning and the need to work longer. By understanding the role that research, education and policy can play in solving these issues and by looking at the problems from multiple perspectives, we will drive the dialogue forward in order to facilitate a healthier state of long-term financial security for the individual and society.

Center Team

Martha Deevy
Jialu Streeter, PhD
Steve Vernon, FSA

New Map of Life

Financial Security: Matteo Leombroni, PhD, Fellow | Gopi Shah Goda, PhD, Faculty Advisor
Work: Alice Milivinti, PhD, Fellow | David Rehkopf, PhD, Faculty Advisor

Featured Research


A New Year’s Resolution: Manage Debt
By Jialu Streeter

In a recent study by the Stanford Center on Longevity and the Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center (GFLEC) at the George Washington University, researchers showed that financial wellbeing could be assessed by three categories of questions: (1) how people manage debt and cash flow, (2) how they build wealth, and (3) their understanding of financial risks. Read more