A New Map of Life: After the Pandemic

An introduction

Air pollutant emissions have decreased drastically across the world due to worldwide lockdowns

New Map of Life Environmental Fellow, Chenghao Wang, discusses the rapid improvements in air quality and reduction in pollutants since the lockdown began, but warns that these changes could easily be reversed if we don’t change the ways we live our lives.

Physical separation has brought different generations closer online

The consequences of COVID-19 have had some young people “step up and do their duty.” Will the triages, lockdowns, and online platforms bring different generations closer, or will it separate us?

Stanford Ph.D. and SCL & Eisner Foundation Fellow Sasha Shen Johfre analyzes the present and potential future of intergenerational relationships and the cultural meaning of age in the times of Coronavirus.

Online education has exacerbated inequalities

Due to worldwide lockdowns, education has moved online. Most American households do not have access to the right technologies, spaces and basic needs to provide a quality online education for their kids.

SCL Education Fellow Ilana Horwitz explains how lockdowns have exposed and exacerbated inequalities for students around the country. Online education is not as accessible as you may think.

Keep active during the quarantine!

New Map of Life Fitness and Lifestyle Fellow, Dr. Megan Roche, gives us tips on how to keep moving while we’re stuck inside.

Lessons the U.S. can learn from Italy’s COVID-19 experience

Matteo Leombroni, New Map of Life Financial Security Fellow talks about the impact of the pandemic in Italy, and what may be coming for for the U.S.