Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Hsiao-Wen Liao is a trained lifespan developmental psychologist focusing on Social Gerontology. She has a keen interest in the application of basic research to aging populations. Her research addresses self-regulatory processes that foster growth and adjustment during normative life transitions and in facing challenging life events across the adult lifespan. Her work is guided by a social-ecological approach to autobiographical memory (AM) and by lifespan developmental theories regarding shifting goals and motivations across adulthood. Her published work examines (a) the relation of AM to the self in adulthood, (b) underlying processes linking AM to adults’ well-being, and (c) the role of culture in shaping autobiographical remembering.

She conducts cross-sectional and longitudinal studies including experimental designs, correlational research using standard questionnaires, and structured interviews to collect narrative data. She adopts content analytic techniques and advanced statistics (e.g., SEM) to analyze qualitative and quantitative data. Hsiao-Wen received her Ph.D. in Psychology (Developmental Area) from the University of Florida and dual master’s degrees in Educational Psychology from the University of Missouri-Columbia and National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU). She received a B.Ed. in Educational Psychology and Counseling from NTNU.

Email: [email protected]