Oleksandr Skorokhod

Education, Physical Activity and Public Health
Advisor: Craig Heller

Oleksandr Skorokhod received his Ph.D. in molecular biology from the Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. His research was focused on cell signaling pathways and their regulation/dysregulation in the context of protein synthesis, aging, and cancer. Since 2014 he has actively participated in the promotion of reforms in the Science and Technology system of Ukraine and was a co-creator of a new Law of Science and Technology of Ukraine, adopted in 2016.
In addition, Oleksandr advocates a healthy lifestyle on different media platforms, being himself a vice-champion of Ukraine in ultra trail running, and a member of the National Trailrunning Team of Ukraine.

He is interested in studying how we can apply our knowledge about exercise physiology, sleep, diet, stress management as well as new technologies for living longer and healthier lives.