Chief Executive Officer, Trujillo Group, LLC

Mr. Trujillo is an international business executive with three decades’ experience as a CEO of large market cap global companies in the US, the EU, and Asia-PAC. A digital pioneer operating in the telecommunications, technology, and media space, Mr. Trujillo has been a long-time champion of high-speed broadband and a pioneer and innovator of smart phone and the mobile Internet to stimulate productivity and innovation across all sectors of the economy. Mr. Trujillo currently sits on corporate boards in the US, EU, and China – including Target, Western Union and ProAmerica Bank in the U.S.; WPP plc in the EU, and Silk Road Technologies in China, where he is board chairman. Mr. Trujillo has managed operations in more than 25 countries. After graduating from the University of Wyoming, where he earned a B.S. in Business and an MBA in Finance, Mr. Trujillo went to work for AT&T. Seven years later, he became the youngest executive officer in the history of the company. Following the break-up of the Bell monopoly in 1984, Mr. Trujillo joined US West, one of seven Bell operating companies established by the divestiture, working his way up to chairman, CEO, and president of the telecommunications giant. In this role, Mr. Trujillo was America’s first US-born Hispanic to serve as CEO of a Fortune 200 company. In 2001, Mr. Trujillo joined the Board of Orange SA, a Paris-based multinational wireless giant with 50 million customers in 19 countries throughout Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Two years later, Mr. Trujillo moved to the CEO position to prepare the company for acquisition, becoming the first American to lead a CAC-40 company. Mr. Trujillo served most recently as CEO of Telstra Corporation, Australia’s largest media-communications enterprise, where he completed the privatization of a previously government-owned monopoly and led the transformation of a traditional telecommunications utility into an integrated media-communications company. In addition to his current board memberships, Mr. Trujillo has served on the corporate boards of PepsiCo, EDS Gannett, Bank of America, US West, and Orange and the advisory board of Alcatel. Mr. Trujillo has been a trade policy advisor to the Clinton and the second Bush administrations, trustee of Boston College, and currently serves on the advisory board of UCLA’s School of Public Policy and the Tomas Rivera Policy Institute, a California-based think tank that addresses Latino issues in North America. Mr. Trujillo has also served as a commissioner on the Colorado Commission of Higher Education and on the boards of business groups and state and regional economic development groups in the western states of the US. In recognition of his lifetime commitment to workplace diversity, Mr. Trujillo received the Ronald H. Brown Corporate Bridge Builder Award from President Clinton in 1999. Mr. Trujillo’s achievements in the privatization and transformation of Telstra were recognized by his selection as “CEO of the Year” for 2008 by Australian Telecom Magazine. Most recently, Mr. Trujillo received the first Brillante Award for Excellence from the National Society of Hispanic MBAs at the Society’s annual conference and career expo on October 15, 2011. Mr. Trujillo was ranked by Hispanic Business magazine as one of the 100 Most Influential Hispanics in the United States.