Yulia Kholodova

My name is Yulia, and I’m a Computer Science and Marketing professional passionate about leveraging technology to create meaningful experiences

With a software engineering and system analysis foundation, I began my career in the digital realm. As I honed my skills, I gradually transitioned into management roles, gaining valuable experience leading teams and driving organizational success.

In 2009 I joined Ailove, one of Russia’s early digital marketing agencies. Over the years, I impacted the agency’s remarkable growth, ultimately becoming one of Russia’s largest independent digital agencies. I was entrusted with the role of CEO in 2015. In 2020 we made a successful strategic exit, and I sold my share to Worldwide Ad Network.

Seeking fresh challenges and opportunities, I joined the Indlovu team in 2021. Here, our focus revolves around effective communication with an older audience. We launched a mobile application designed to collect and preserve cherished family memories, bringing joy and connection to people’s lives.