Sightlines Project LogoThe developed world is bearing witness to a 21st century miracle – the possibility of living well to the age of 100 and beyond. Three out of four Americans indicate that they want to live to 100 if they can do so in good health. Compelling scientific evidence indicates that living long and living well is most realistic for those who are socially engaged, adopt healthy living behaviors and are able to build financial security.

THE SIGHTLINES PROJECT investigates how well Americans are doing in each of these three areas that are critical to wellbeing as people age: financial security, healthy living and social engagement. The findings are based on analyses of eight nationally representative, high quality, multi-year studies involving more than 1.2 million Americans over two decades. We look at how many Americans in each of six age groups are doing well in each area, rather than how well the “average” American is doing. These results are intended to stir national debate, guide policy development, stimulate entrepreneurial innovation, and encourage personal choices that enhance independent, 100-year lives.   Read the report >