7/6 – 7/8/2012 – Legacy Film Festival on Aging
5/17/2012 Distinguished Lecture Series: “Darwin, Diet, Disease, and Dollars” – Dr. Robert Lustig
4/26/2012 Designing Homes and Neighborhoods for an Aging Population
4/25/2012Humanizing Healthcare: Why Reform is So Essential
3/6/2012 Housing in America: Innovative Solutions to Address the Needs of Tomorrow
2/27/2012 – You’re Looking at Me Like I Live Here and I don’t
5/24/2011 – Distinguished Lecture Series: Marc Friedman
10/23/2010 – Roundtable at Stanford
9/29/2010 – Stanford Center on Longevity Distinguished Lecture series: Barbara Strauch
5/6 – 5/7/2010 – Health Care and the Elderly: A Challenge for Western Countries
4/13/2010 – Center Begins Distinguished Lecture Series
4/1/2010 – Longevity Center affiliates discuss health reform
3/8/2010 – Discussion with WISDOM: From Philosophy to Neuroscience author 
2/3/2010 – RIP Seminar: “The days of our years are three score and ten” – Psalm 90
12/9/2009 – Long Life in the 21st Century, Dr. Laura Carstensen
8/13/2009 – Outdoor Science Talk: “Long Life in the 21st Century” with Laura Carstensen
11/16/2008 – “What Are the Financial Implications of Aging in the United States?” with Ron Lee
7/16/2008 – “The Longevity Revolution”