Actress, Activist, Advocate, Author, and Fitness Guru

Ms. Fonda’s acclaimed work on stage and screen has earned her Oscars (Best Actress in 1971 for Klute and in 1978 for Coming Home) and an Emmy for her performance in The Dollmaker. Ms. Fonda returned to Broadway in 2009 and received a Tony Award nomination for her role in 33 Variations. Ms. Fonda’s philanthropy includes founding the Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (G-CAPP) aiming to reduce the high rates of adolescent pregnancy in Georgia. Ms. Fonda has also established the Jane Fonda Center for Adolescent Reproductive Health at the Emory School of Medicine in Atlanta. She has been a clear and strong advocate for empowerment of women and girls. Along with Gloria Steinem and Robin Morgan, she co-founded Women’s Media Center and she sits on the board of Eve Ensler’s V-Day: Until The Violence Stops, a global effort to stop violence against women and girls. In 1994, Ms. Fonda was named Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Population Fund. Ms. Fonda revolutionized the fitness industry with the release of the best-selling Jane Fonda’s Workout in 1982, followed by 23 home exercise videos, 13 audio recordings, and five books. In 2005 she published her memoir, My Life So Far. In her latest book, Prime Time, she offers a comprehensive guide to living life to the fullest, particularly beyond middle age. Ms. Fonda currently resides in Los Angeles.