Yannick Schindler

Macro-Economic Effects of Longevity
Advisors: Andrew Scott/Wouter Den Haan

Yannick is completing a PhD in Economics at the London School of Economics (LSE) and holds a research fellowship at London Business School, where he investigates the “Economic Longevity Dividend.” His research interests lie in macroeconomics and he has previously explored topics such as the “child penalty” in gender inequality, the impact of wealth taxation on wealth inequality, and the design of optimal unemployment insurance. Yannick is also the co-founder of the Machinery of Progress project, which employs machine learning tools and big data to analyze how society’s capital stock has evolved over the past three decades. Additionally, he co-founded LSE’s Applicant Mentoring Program to assist applicants from underrepresented backgrounds in preparing applications for economics PhD programs. Prior to pursuing his PhD, Yannick worked as a Research Analyst at the European Central Bank and as a Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Economics at Princeton University. As a New Map of Life Fellows, Yannick will examine trends pointing to added economic value to longer lives to identify potential policy recommendations.