On December 1st, TEDxWomen  happened simultaneously at the Paley Centers in both New York and LA. Around the world, over 100 TEDx communities shared the livestream, and some hosted local speakers.

With session themes of resilience, relationships and rebirth — and ending with “reimagine” — the event focused on how women and girls are shaping our shared future:


Hosted by Pat Mitchell, this session explored how women regroup, rebound and rebuild after experiencing setbacks or loss. TEDGlobal speaker Tan Le and journalist Barbara Walters spoke, as well as Lamis Zein, the first Lebanese woman qualified to conduct demolitions of cluster submunitions.

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Trevor Neilson is the cofounder of the Global Philanthropy Group and hosted a session that explores “the ties that bind us.” Other speakers included author Rachel Simmons and Jennifer Siebel Newsom, whose film Miss Representation focuses on how women are represented in popular media.

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With a talk from Professor of Psychology Laura Carstensen (see video above),  cultural anthropologist Mary Catherine Bateson and a performance from TED Fellow Iyeoka Ivie Okoawo, this session focused on health, longevity and untapped potential. Hosted by Jane Fonda.

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A session on how women and girls imagine a better life and make vision a reality, hosted by journalist Lisa Ling. Three young women — Shree Bose, Naomi Shah and Lauren Hodge — took the stage. They were the winners in their age category of the 2011 Google Science Fair. Webby Award founder Tiffany Shlain spoke, and the session will end with an interview with Gloria Steinem.

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Visit the TEDxWomen website for the full list of speakers.