MeinersNorbert Meiners is a Visiting Scholar at the Center for the Fall term 2015.

Meiners has been Professor for Business Administration & Marketing at the PHWT University in Vechta, Germany since 2002. He is an experienced scientist in the field of the Economics of Population Aging, in particular related to marketing to the aging consumer.

He has many notable publications and has presented his research results at various international conferences, colloquia and scientific meetings. He is an expert at various media (TV, radio, newspaper) and at several expert committees (e.g., two German Ministries). He has organized numerous academic events, such as the International Gerontology Colloquium (Spain, Brazil, Great Britain, Austria, Turkey). He has a strong international network of contacts, has been a Visiting Research Fellow at several leading universities (such as Oxford University) and is a Fullbright Scholar at Stanford University. He holds a Diploma Degree in Business Administration with a Ph.D. in Economics and Social Sciences from German Universities.

Email: [email protected]