Subbu S.

Cognitive Ability of Framing Finance
Advisor: Anthony Wagner

Subbulakshmi received her Bachelor of Science degree from the Indian Institute of Science, and is set to receive her PhD from MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, University of Cambridge. Her PhD work was focussed on elucidating control mechanisms in the brain underlying stopping of action, thought and trauma-based emotional responses. She is set to join the Stanford Center on Longevity as a postdoctoral fellow, and will be a part of the Stanford Memory Lab. She is broadly interested in understanding how cognitive functions like memory, attention, learning, decision making, emotional regulation and cognitive control interact with one another to bring about goal-directed behavior across the life-span. She is also interested in looking at broader socio-political contexts and perspectives when studying human behavior and mental health. At the SCL, she will be focussed on investigating how pre-existing knowledge schemata affect the acquisition of new knowledge in older adults.