Scott W. Kerslake is the President of prAna, a leading consumer brand in yoga, rock climbing and active outdoor living. Kerslake also maintains ownership of Carrot Centers for Brain and Body Vitality, a progressive wellness organization focused on helping people who are over 50 to age optimally. Prior to Carrot, Mr. Kerslake was the President of Miraval Life in Balance, one of the most highly ranked destination wellness spas and resorts in the world. Before Miraval, he was Founder, Chairman and CEO of Athleta Corporation, widely recognized as one of the premier brands in the women’s sports and active markets. Mr. Kerslake was the creator of the Athleta brand, its strategic plan, and internal cultural development. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, he worked as an investment banker at Salomon Smith Barney before joining Sapient Corporation as a management consultant in 1993. There he played a significant role in starting Sapient Corporation’s San Francisco office by helping to manage and grow its team. He subsequently served as Sapient’s director of marketing and was instrumental in the company’s successful initial public offering.