New Map of Life Fellow
Advisor: Dr. Andrew Scott

Dr. Julian Ashwin is a postdoctoral researcher at the London Business School, working with Professor Andrew Scott. After earning a PhD in Economics from the University of Oxford, Julian was looking to apply his knowledge and skills to address important challenges to our society as a part of a multidisciplinary team. The match with the New Map of Life initiative couldn’t have been better. As an Impact Fellow, Julian brings his expertise in statistical modeling of economic outcomes on macro and micro scales to shed light on ways in which longer lives can result in improved standards of living for all — a “longevity dividend.” Julian is excited about incorporating his perspective with those of his peers to tackle some of the toughest questions and challenges facing the promotion of the ten core NMOL principles.

One challenge the Julian sees as cardinal to ensuring healthy and fulfilling long life spans for all is the need to re-thinking and re-shaping long standing social structures, such as the social timetable involving a one-way movement from education to work, and then to retirement. This effort has far-reaching implications on issues such as housing, investments and the support people receive and give to each other through government policy. Changing people’s narratives about the “right” course of life and encouraging institutions to take actions to allow for radical changes in an equitable way are things Julian believes require the combined efforts of scholars from multiple fields, which is one reason he is excited to be a part of the NMOL initiative.

Through his work, Julian hopes to change the conversation around increased longevity and align it with the evidence showing that increases in life expectancy throughout the 20th century had generally been very good for living standards. By exploring how societies can make the most of longer lives and ensure they benefit everyone, Julian hopes to have an impact on policymakers’ decisions resulting in a true longevity dividend.