What comes to mind when you think of the words “longevity” or “aging”? Is it the countless ads for creams and procedures to look younger? Is it something that seems to exist in an entirely separate sphere, that you don’t have to worry about yet? Or perhaps it’s a term that has come to signify a time of life that many dread to face.

These stereotypes and notions are pervasive in our minds and in our culture, whether we are aware of them or not. They’re misconceptions that shape the way many of us think about longevity, but it’s time that we take them down, piece by piece, one at a time. The average human lifespan is increasing every year, and the overall quality of those years has been heightened as well. We can live those years out just as fruitfully as our younger ones.

In order to really look at longevity, we need to look at the entire lifespan. Healthy habits and choices can begin at any age, and will help us to live out every year as best we can. Here at the Center on Longevity, we’re celebrating our 10th anniversary of research and work dedicated to this very goal. We want our next 10 years, and your next 10, to be fulfilling, bright, and inspiring. We’re setting our own goals for the next decade, but to help bring this mindset to the forefront of discussion, we’re starting the hashtag “MyNext10” to increase awareness and help everyone think outside of the box. It’s up to us to break the stereotypes and to create a more optimistic future. We’re asking you to show your appreciation, spread the word, and tell us of your own examples, stories, and goals relating to “MyNext10”. What are some new ways to look at longevity?

“What I have learned about the Center so far has allowed me to transform abstract slogans that we mindlessly listen to, such as ‘Save your money,’ … and ‘Eat healthily,’ into real, personal mantras to live by everyday.”

Our ultimate goal with #MyNext10 is to raise awareness of our mission, combating ageism, and meeting the full potential of our long life spans. This leads to influencing all generations in unique ways! Here we share some moving stories of people who have come in direct contact with the Center, or other aspects of longevity, in their life. Want to read all of our stories? Click here

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Our first weekly challenge is to show us what you want to accomplish in your next ten years with #MyNext10! What are you excited to begin? What molds will you break? We want to know!


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