The Stanford Center on Longevity (SCL), which has “Joint Health” as one of its primary focus areas within its Mobility Division, hosted an international joint health symposium: Early Detection of Osteoarthritis.

The goal of the workshop, which included experts in various aspects of osteoarthritis (OA), was to identify research questions that will lead to improved and early detection.

SCL believes this is an important and challenging problem and that the workshop stimulated interesting new questions. It focused on exploring interdisciplinary approaches and opportunities to develop future research partnerships. The lead SCL faculty affiliate was Dr. Thomas Andriacchi, and the workshop was presented in collaboration with the Mechanical Engineering department.

Date and Time: Wednesday, January 28- DInner
Thursday, January 29- 8:00 AM through dinner
Friday, January 30- 8:00 AM- 12:00 PM

Location: Bechtel Conference Center
616 Serra Street, Encina Hall
Stanford, CA 94305-6055

Contact: Jill Fattor (fattorj @

Admission: Invitation only