EKonarDr. Ellen Konar serves as Center Fellow and Strategic Advisor. Dr. Konar is an acclaimed behavioral science researcher and executive bringing deep quantitative research and marketing expertise to academic, industry and non-for-profit organizations. She was the first director of Intel’s Global Customer Labs, where she developed and led a cross functional global data science program and several research teams supporting product development, customer operations, legal, sales and business development initiatives. Dr. Konar ran global consumer marketing and market insights at Intel during its rise to the 5th strongest global consumer brand, and supporting the market entry of two game-changing start-ups. Her innovations in voice of the customer assessment, advertising data products, forecasting and multi-level data platforms earned her a host of patents, the auspicious Google Executive Management Group Award as well as the honor of a being an Intel Fellow, the first woman and non-engineering executive to be so appointed. Forbes magazine described Dr. Konar as one of 6 Intel executives who “made Intel not only a world leader in the industry, but also a driver of technology trends throughout the computer world”. She has taught at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and at the University of Western Ontario. Her personal passions include tennis, fine art photography, book making and her family.

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