11/8/10 – Global Aging

Adele Hayutin, director of the Center’s Global Aging Program, discusses the impact of an aging population on a panel with Ted Fishman, author of Shock of Gray: The Aging of the World’s Population and Mark Weisbrot, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research. Listen to the webcast.

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10/27/10 – Stanford study shows getting older leads to emotional stability, happiness

As people age, they’re more emotionally balanced and better able to solve highly emotional problems, says psychology professor and Center on Longevity director Laura Carstensen.

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10/18/10 – Brain Fitness

In 2009, Americans spent $300 million on products intended to improve their short-term memories or help them concentrate better at work. Do those products work? Listen to comments from the Center on Longevity’s director and read about the Expert Consensus on Brain Health, sponsored by the Center and the Max Planck Institute for Human Development.

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10/12/10 – Taking Early Retirement May Retire Memory, Too

A new analysis in The Journal of Economic Perspectives underscores the importance of staying active in preserving memories and reasoning abilities. Says Center on Longevity Director Laura L. Carstensen PhD: “It suggests that work actually provides an important component of the environment that keeps people functioning optimally.”

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9/30/10 – Turning 40….is this the decade of wisdom?

Columnist Noreen S. Ahmed-Ullah, looking for a meaningful definition of wisdom as she turns 40, interviewed Laura L. Carstensen, director of the Center on Longevity, and author Stephen S. Hall, who discussed his book in a talk sponsored by the Center.

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9/21/10 – Dementia Cost Burns Through 1% of Global GDP, Will Increase

“Alzheimer’s will be at the top of the list of global public-health problems within the next 10 years,” says Center on Longevity director Laura L. Carstensen PhD.

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9/13/10 – Long Life in the 21st Century

Listen to Laura L. Carstensen PhD, director of the Stanford Center on Longevity, discuss “Long Life in the 21st Century” in a Stanford Leading Matters audio podcast featured on iTunes. Her remarks were part of Leading Matters, an audio podcast that illuminates the pressing issues of the day. Presentations were given at Stanford alumni events across the globe over the past three years.

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9/10/10 – See the Big Picture

“An important new study by the Stanford Center on Longevity puts a wider lens on the familiar statistics,” writes AARP Bulletin editor Jim Toedtman.

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8/24/10 – Building Homes to Age In

An NPR story on a “quiet revolution” to help seniors age at home featured Keith Collins of New Millennial Homes and Elinor Ginzler of AARP, who are chapter authors for the Center on Longevity’s Planning to Stay: New Visions of Aging in Place book project, which is led by former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Henry Cisneros.

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