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5 summer skin care tips – Stanford Report

Summer is here and while the sun can feel great on your skin after a long and rainy winter, the health effects of the sun on your skin can be a cause for concern. But Zakia Rahman, a clinical dermatologist at Stanford Health Care and affiliate faculty at the Stanford Center on Longevity, wants people to know that keeping your skin safe can be a lot simpler than it seems.

Dear Body, you’ve served me well, but let’s get to your annual review – The Washington Post

“The first step before you take inventory of your body is to decide that you care about living a long, healthy life,” says Deborah M. Kado, a professor of medicine at the Stanford University School of Medicine and co-director of the Stanford Longevity Center. “But it’s worth taking this inventory only if you’re going to do something about it. Your attitude is important. You have to be saying to yourself, ‘I’m going to look aging in the eye because I want the truth about what’s going on with my body.’”

The Mental Strengths 80-Year-Olds Possess Might Surprise You – Next Avenue

Research shows many octogenarians shine at performing ‘comprehensive tasks which require a great storehouse of information.’ And life experience makes a difference.

Research has found that “there is little, if any decline, in older ages, in knowledge and crystallizing intelligence,” explains Yochai Shavit, the director of research at the Stanford Center on Longevity, a research center that works with 150 Stanford University faculty on opportunities created by increased longevity.