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Feel Old for Your Age? That’s Actually a Good Thing — For Others – Stanford GSB

New research finds a link between the concept of “subjective age” and people’s willingness to help strangers. The research, described in a recent article in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, found that even in a culture obsessed with youthfulness, feeling older than one’s years actually may provide a vital benefit by promoting the sort of prosocial behavior needed to cope with big problems such as poverty and disaster relief.

It’s Been 50 Years Since the Voting Age Was Lowered. It’s Time to Do it Again

Fifty years ago, the federal voting age was lowered from age 21 to age 18, after decades of activism by young people across the political aisle. Half a century later, it’s hard to deny that young people are profoundly affected by laws, leaders and policies. It’s time to recognize this reality, give teenagers a say in their futures and lower the voting age again.

Long Slide Looms for World Population, With Sweeping Ramifications – The New York Times

Like an avalanche, the demographic forces — pushing toward more deaths than births — seem to be expanding and accelerating. Though some countries continue to see their populations grow, especially in Africa, fertility rates are falling nearly everywhere else. Demographers now predict that by the latter half of the century or possibly earlier, the global population will enter a sustained decline for the first time.