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Up Your Learning Quotient: Why LQ Matters More Than IQ In Today’s Fast-Changing World – Forbes

“Tomorrow’s illiterate will not be the man who can’t read; he will be the man who has not learned how to learn.“
Future Shock, 1970, by Alvin Toffler

These words, written by the late author and futurist Toffler, were eerily prescient—and they point to a type of intelligence in high demand today: LQ or “learning quotient.”
Lengthening careers contribute to our need for LQ. As Laura Carstensen, the founding director of the Stanford Center on Longevity, has put it, “In this era of very, very long life, learning is going to have to be continuous.” As it turns out, we have to not only learn new skills, but also unlearn old ways of doing things.

It’s not just boomers vs. millennials, workplaces span Gen Z to the Silent Generation – MarketWatch

A 2021 study by Stanford Center on Longevity found that, despite there being about equal numbers of people of every chronological age from 0 to 70 and older, “cross-age relationships are extremely rare.”

“This is an immense lost opportunity because intergenerational relationships can be a transformational tool for productivity, meaning, and justice,” the Stanford Center on Longevity said.

How to foster your purpose wherever you are in life – Vox

“‘Purpose’ is conflated with lots of other words,” says William Damon, a professor of education at Stanford University and SCL faculty affiliate, “like ‘meaning’ and ‘passion.’” Purpose, however, is something different — it’s broader than a goal, but it’s the guiding motivation that gives your life a sense of direction.

3 Useful Ways To Prepare For The Arrival Of The 60 Year Career – The Hill

Recent research from the Stanford Center on Longevity (SCL) predicts that many of today’s children can expect to live to the age of 100, an increase in life expectancy that will become the norm by 2050. For many, longer lives will mean more years spent working—a total of 60 years, to be exact.

And that’s going to require a new mind-set––and a lot more planning.

Here’s why virtual reality shouldn’t be used every day – World Economic Forum

Companies like Meta are betting users will use virtual reality (VR) headsets for just about everything. Meanwhile, journalists highlight CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s inability to draw daily users to his so-called metaverse.

Both are missing the crucial point. VR shouldn’t be used all day long, or even every day. Its strength has always been in its ability to provide us with special experiences, not with unending engagement.

‘Why Stop?’ Meet the 80 and 90-Somethings Who Want to Keep Working – Time

While a record number of younger workers in the U.S. have been quitting their jobs amid the Great Resignation, a number of older workers are staying put, with some working into their 80s and 90s. The reasons are varied: some don’t have the savings to retire, or need to stay on the payroll to keep receiving health insurance benefits. For others, it’s job satisfaction and the desire to stay mentally sharp that keeps them working.