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How to — and How Not to — Message Older Americans – UCLA Anderson Review

In a review of research in Current Directions in Psychological Science, Stanford’s Laura Carstensen and UCLA Anderson’s Hal Hershfield run through how current communication efforts often fail to connect with the materially different mindset of older people. And they propose a road map for fine-tuning messaging to this demographic that harnesses the findings of decades of academic research.

Can Playing an Exercise Game Fight Dementia? – Futurity

A dementia diagnosis turns the world upside down, not only for the person affected but also for their relatives, as brain function gradually declines. Those affected lose their ability to plan, remember things, or behave appropriately. At the same time, their motor skills also deteriorate. Ultimately, dementia patients are no longer able to handle daily life alone and need comprehensive care.

Zoom Burnout Is Real, and It’s Worse for Women – The New York Times

New research from Stanford University published on Tuesday found that women experience significantly more Zoom fatigue than men. The research, which hasn’t been peer-reviewed, suggests that video calls simply amplify the longstanding gender dynamics in group settings and exacerbate an already wide gender stress gap, with women consistently reporting more stress and stress-related health conditions than men, according to the American Psychological Association.