4/27/10 – How the Brain Benefits with Aging

In an excerpt from The Secret Life of the Grown-up Brain by Barbara Strauch, Center director Laura Carstensen observes: “From what we know now, I’d have to say that the middle-aged brain is downright formidable.”

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4/19/10 – Looking Forward from the Census

Many think the U.S. is in trouble because of aging baby boomers. Actually, says Center on Longevity economist Adele Hayutin, the country is better off than other large economies, but needs to be prepared to make the most of the opportunity.

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3/21/10 – Ready for Life’s Encore Performances

Life is getting longer, and researchers are exploring a new developmental stage for older people. “The culture hasn’t had time to catch up,” says Center director Laura Carstensen. “All the added years of life have been put into leisure, and that’s crazy.”

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2/17/10 – A Long Bright Future

Hear a “A Long Bright Future,” Center on Longevity director Laura Carstensen’s speech to the Silicon Valley leaders at the Rotary Club of San Jose. She discusses the ways people – from policymakers to parents – can prepare for healthy, fulfilling and financially stable long lives in the 21st Century.

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2/11/10 – Magazine probes science of living longer

Discussing a Time cover story on the science of aging, CNBC anchor Maria Bartiromo said Center director Laura Carstensen sees ‘fantastic’ opportunities when people live longer.

MSNBC’s Morning Joe

2/1/10 – “A Long Bright Future” Cited by Library Journal

Center director Laura Carstensen’s book exploring ways people can prepare for healthy, fulfilling and financially stable long lives was included on Library Journal’s Best of 2009 books on consumer health.

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1/25/10 – Why Baby Boomers Should Rethink Retirement

Dr. Laura L. Carstensen, director of the Center on Longevity, and Dr. John (Jack) Rowe, chairman of the external advisory committee, discuss opportunities and challenges for an older population.

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