11/18/2013 – Aging Americans have a new companion: higher debt

The result? It used to be that households headed by someone over the age of 50 began to deleverage — that is, pay down their debt. Now, we’re seeing an opposite phenomenon: those families instead go further into arrears, acquiring even more debits on the household budget sheet at ages previous generations associated with the early bird special.

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11/18/2013 – The Elephant In The Room When It Comes To Family And Retirement

To better understand how families impact retirement plans, Age Wave,  in partnership with Merrill Lynch completed a large, groundbreaking survey entitled “Family & Retirement: The Elephant in the Room.” Conducted by research firm Harris Interactive, the survey gathered responses from a representative sample of more than 5,000 people age 25 and older from all walks of life (including thousands of pre-retirees as well as retirees), who weighed in with their hopes and fears about retirement.

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11/14/2013 – Your childhood is crucial to how you’ll age

Early relationships with our parents affect our longevity, happiness. If the child really is father to the man, then it’s reasonable to ask: Why is that true?

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11/14/2013 – When the Doctor Disappears

The sudden termination of a close doctor-patient relationship is a common, wrenching scenario. “I can tell you, it happens all the time and it breaks the heart of patients and families and oncologists,” said Dr. Diane Meier, director of the Center to Advance Palliative Care at Mount Sinai’s Icahn School of Medicine in New York City.

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11/14/2013 – How entrepreneurship extends boomers’ careers

There’s been no shortage of gloomy headlines about the struggles of workers age 50 and over. But there’s one area in which this age group continues to shine: entrepreneurship.

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11/13/2103 – 'Lopsided' test scores may predict Alzheimer's sooner

The pattern of scores on cognitive tests may help doctors determine if an older patient’s minor memory loss is benign or a stop on the road to Alzheimer’s dementia.

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11/13/2013 – The 401(k) of the Future Could Save Retirement

You’ve already said goodbye to defined-benefit plans. Now say goodbye to defined-contribution plans, and hello to a promising new wrinkle known as the defined-ambition plan.

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11/13/2013 – Eye cells could help diagnose Alzheimer's disease

Changes to specific cells in the retina could help diagnose and track the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, scientists say.

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11/12/2013 – Experts Reshape Treatment Guide For Cholesterol

The nation’s leading heart organizations released new guidelines on Tuesday that will fundamentally reshape the use of cholesterol-lowering statin medicines, which are now prescribed for a quarter of Americans over 40.

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11/12/2013 – Depression 'makes us biologically older'

Depression can make us physically older by speeding up the ageing process in our cells, according to a study.

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