11/12/2013 – Two Surest Ways to Boost Millennials’ Retirement Savings

Millennials understand that they need to save. Two simple policy shifts will give them the means.

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11/11/2013 – Intergenerational equity: Who should pay for past retirement promises?

Is it fair that today’s workers might have to pay for promises made to the current generation of retirees, even if these retirees didn’t pay for the full cost of their own benefits? The topic of “intergenerational equity” was the subject of a lively debate at the recent annual meeting of the Society of Actuaries (SOA), held in San Diego.

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11/11/2013 – Speaking two languages may forestall the onset of dementia

Speaking two languages may keep the mind sharp longer than knowing only a single language, even in those who can’t read.

Scientists reviewed the records of 391 bilingual and 257 monolingual patients diagnosed with dementia between 2006 and 2012 at a clinic in Hyderabad, India. Patients who spoke two languages developed the first signs of dementia an average of 4.5 years later than those who spoke only one language.

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11/11/2013 – Artist explores junction of creativity, dementia

Warren Weinstock isn’t a neurologist, but the heart of his class touches on an emerging field of neuroscience that examines the intersection of creativity and dementia.

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11/10/2013 – Just how much pension peril are we in?

In this extended interview, Harvard Business Review editor Justin Fox discusses how the U.S. system is faring in a global perspective and what adjustments might be of benefit to the growing number of American retirees.

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11/8/2013 – Medicare Physician Payment Reform: An Analysis Of The New Congressional Proposal

On October 31, 2013 the House Ways & Means and Senate Finance Committees unveiled a bicameral and bipartisan press release and Discussion Draft of a proposal to repeal the SGR (sustainable growth rate) update to professional fees and replace it with: (1) reforms for future fee-for-service (FFS); (2) incentives for alternative payment models (APMs); and (3) provisions regarding care coordination, relative valuation, service use, and data availability. After a decade of simply “kicking the SGR down the road” with last-minute and temporary authorizations, a “permanent fix” to this “fundamentally broken” program will be universally welcome. The task at hand: analyzing the elements of what is proposed to replace it.

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11/7/2013 – Speaking more than one language may delay dementia

The latest evidence that speaking more than one language is a very good thing for our brains comes from a study finding dementia develops years later in bilingual people than in people who speak just one language.

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11/7/2013 – What Your Skin Says About How Long You’ll Live

Here’s even more reason to worry about wrinkles — women with fewer age lines tend to have lower blood pressure, a lower risk of heart disease and stroke and a greater chance of outliving their more wrinkled friends.

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11/6/2013 – 6 tips for averting America's looming long-term care crisis

Is the U.S. prepared for the coming long-term care needs of retiring baby boomers? Probably not, according to Dr. Bruce Chernof of the SCAN Foundation. But new ideas are emerging.

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11/5/2013 – How retired couples can live happily ever after

One prescription for a happy relationship in retirement is for partners to work together to create a lifestyle that they both enjoy, that meets both of their emotional needs.

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