1/12/2014 – Jobs report highlights the aging of Baby Boomers

But a group that includes leading Wall Street and Federal Reserve economists says the drop in workforce participation is about demographics, not the health of the economy. Mostly, it’s about Baby Boomers.

About 76% of those leaving the workforce in 2013 last year represented people over age 55 who say they don’t want jobs, the Labor Department estimates.

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1/8/2014 – Semi-Retirement: A Strategy To Build A Better Life

Employees these days realize they probably won’t experience their grandparents’ version of retirement. They can expect to live longer and need to be fully prepared to make the most of this new stage of their lives. To ensure that the shine doesn’t come off their golden years, many plan to continue to work—only this time around they want it on their own terms. Semi-retirement offers a second chance to turn a passion into a fulfilling career and, at the same time, bring in extra cash to pay for that South American cruise you never had the time to take.

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1/6/2014 – You may be saving too much for retirement

It’s very possible you won’t spend as much in retirement as you think.

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1/1/2014 – Moves Guaranteed to Help You Retire Sooner

Not many choices you make with your nest egg will guarantee good results. But the good news is that some steps are guaranteed to shorten your time to financial freedom. Here are a few such moves:

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1/1/2014 – 10 retirement resolutions to set for 2014

“Most of us have not saved enough for retirement. I’ve doled out dozens of tips for retirement and common mistakes in 2013. So, as we head into the new year I’d like to remind you of some of the most important.”

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