Sanjay Basu: The Power of Healthy Eating

Socioeconomic Factors Affecting Food Consumption and Nutrition in China: Empirical Evidence During the 1989–2009 Period

Which States Have the Biggest Drug Problems? WalletHub Releases New Study About Drug Use in the USA

America has been fighting the war on drugs for over 40 years, yet accidental, drug-related deaths continue to climb in the United States. Last year, Fox News reported that deaths by overdose increased more than 30 percent from 2011-2016. According to the Centers for Disease Control, opioids are the main killer, linked to 33,091 deaths in 2015. Since 1999, overdoses related to opioids have quadrupled. As the health department has found, drug abuse takes a particular toll in certain areas of the country. In 2015, West Virginia had the highest rates of death caused by drug overdoses. New Hampshire, Kentucky, Ohio and Rhode Island were also hit particularly hard by the drug problem.

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Bulk of Addiction Created by Health Care System, WNY Addictions Doctor Says

It’s hard to figure out which group of people in the forefront of the opioid epidemic disgust Dr. Richard D. Blondell the most. The drug companies that enriched themselves developing painkillers and sending out legions of sales reps to flood doctors’ offices with the narcotics? Outlier “writer” doctors who only take cash to see patients, charge more than the going rate for office visits, and tailor prescriptions to the desires of their addicted patients? Health insurers – including Medicaid and Medicare – that pay for these drugs, and pass on the cost to policyholders and taxpayers, although they have the ability to track and crack down on abuse?

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Health Buzz: Grandmother’s Smoking Associated With Grandchildren’s Autism Spectrum Disorder

There’s no shortage of guidance around the dangers of smoking cigarettes – but this latest finding could prompt further scrutiny of the practice. A University of Bristol study, published in Scientific Reports, found that if a girl’s maternal grandmother smoked while pregnant, she gave her granddaughter a 67 percent higher chance of showing signs associated with autism, such as poor social communication and repetitive behaviors. She also gave all her grandchildren a 53 percent higher risk of being diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

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Storybooks Get Kids to Eat Their Veggies

Sarah Gripshover and Ellen Markman, both developmental psychologists, first created a series of five storybooks to teach young children about nutrition. The books show how the body uses a variety of nutrients from different foods to power diverse biological functions.

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Running Adds Three Years to Your Life, Study Says

Running as a competitive sport dates back to before the Olympic games. In recent years, running’s popularity has spawned things like fun runs, local races and running apps. Minimalist running shoes and talk of “runner’s high” have soared. Recent science suggests that the so-called high may be indicative of a more long-term effect: that of a lengthened life.

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