Michael Wald

Jackson Eli Reynolds Professor of Law, Emeritus Research interests: life course transitions; the treatment of children in the legal system and issues related to family policy Email: [email protected] Phone: (650) 723-0322 Address: 215 Crown Quadrangle Stanford, California 94305 Website: http://www.law.stanford.edu/directory/profile/59/

Daniel Kessler

David S. and Ann M. Barlow Professor and Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, and Professor, by Courtesy on Health Research Policy and Law Department: Graduate School of Business Research interests: Empirical studies in antitrust law, law and economics, and economics of health care. Consequences of hospital mergers and ownership for cost and quality of […]

Mark G. Kelman

James C. Gaither Professor in Law and Professor, by courtesy, at the Graduate School of Business; Vice Dean of Stanford Law School Department: Law Research interests: Applying social science approaches to diverse legal fields including criminal law, taxation, administrative regulation, and disability law. Anti-discrimination law. Email: [email protected] Phone: (650) 723-4069 Address: Crown Law Quad #327 […]

Lawrence Friedman

Marion Rice Kirkwood Professor of Law and Professor, by courtesy, of Political Science and History Research interests: History of American law; law and society movement;treating legal history as a branch of general social history Email: [email protected] Phone: (650) 723-3072 Address: Crown Law Quad 330 Stanford, California 94305 Website: http://www.law.stanford.edu/directory/profile/23/

Kate Lorig

Professor of Medicine, Emerita, Immunology and Rheumatology Department: Medicine, Immunology and Rheumatology Research interests: Outcomes (behavior, health status, health care utilization) of community based chronic disease patient education in English and Spanish; diabetes self management for Spanish speakers Email: [email protected] Phone: (650) 723-7935 Address: 1000 Welch Road, Suite 204 Palo Alto, California Website: http://med.stanford.edu/profiles/Kate_Lorig/

Mary Goldstein

Professor of Medicine (Center for Primary Care and Outcomes Research) and, by courtesy, of Health Research and Policy at the PAVAHCS Department: Medicine, Primary Care and Outcomes Research Research interests: Quality improvement in clinical practice and older adults’ health preferences Email: [email protected] Phone: (650) 858-3933 Address: VA Palo Alto Health Care System Geriatrics Research Education […]

Jeremy Goldhaber-Fiebert

Assistant Professor of Medicine (Primary Care & Outcomes Research) and, by courtesy, of Health Research and Policy Department: Medicine, Primary Care and Outcomes Research Research interests: Decision science; International health policy; Cost-effectiveness analysis; Simulation modeling Email: [email protected] Phone: (650) 721-2486 Address: Centers for Health Policy and Primary Care and Outcomes Research 117 Encina Hall, Room […]

Jay Bhattacharya

Associate Professor of Medicine, and by courtesy in Health Research and Policy and Economics

Department: Economics

Research interests: The constraints that vulnerable populations face in making decisions that affect their health status, as well as the effects of government policies and programs designed to benefit vulnerable populations; empirical economics and health services research on the elderly, adolescents, HIV/AIDS and managed care; the regulation of the viatical-settlements market (a secondary life-insurance market that often targets HIV patients) and summer/winter differences in nutritional outcomes for low-income American families; examining the labor-market conditions that help determine why some U.S. employers do not provide health insurance

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (650) 736-0404

Stanford University
117 Encina Commons
Stanford, CA 94305

Website: http://healthpolicy.stanford.edu/people/jaybhattacharya/

Scott Atlas

Professor of Radiology at the Stanford University Medical Center and Senior Fellow at the FSI and the Hoover Institution Department: Medicine, Radiology; Freeman Spogli Institute; the Hoover Institution Research interests: U.S. health care system, health care systems of emerging nations, use of advanced medical technology Email: [email protected] Phone: (650) 723-7426 Address: Medical Center S047A Stanford, […]

John Shoven

Charles R. Schwab Professor of Economics; Wallace R. Hawley Director, SIEPR; Senior Fellow, by courtesy, Hoover Institution Department: Economics Research interests: Corporate finance (dividend behavior, mergers and acquisitions, share repurchase), social security and private pensions, stock and bond returns, mutual funds, federal, personal and corporate income taxation, international cost-of-capital comparisons, applied general equilibrium analysis Email: […]