‘Millennial’ Means Nothing

Millennials less likely to own homes, marry and start families than older generations – Stanford Daily

The Paradox of Household Income

Changes in family structure make it difficult to measure economic progress for the middle class and to get an accurate picture of the effectiveness of the American economy. The rise in divorce and the decrease in marriage rates especially among less-educated Americans distorts the standard measures of economic progress. What’s really going on is more complicated than the standard story of economic stagnation.

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This is What Success Looks Like to the Average American

What does “making it” mean to you? A sweet new car? A gratifying job? A house in the ‘burbs filled with a spouse, a dog and couple of kids? Or how about just a hammock and enough free time to enjoy it? In an effort to get an idea of what success means to the average American, ThermoSoft polled 2,000 people and put together…

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Fidelity Investments Podcast: Life Events

How do things like debt, starting a new job or buying a house impact your total well-being? Fidelity recently conducted research that can help you understand how life events can affect your health and wealth, as well as your overall happiness and career.

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Millennial Home Buyers Send a Chill Through Rental Markets

Rising homeownership is adding to the jitters in the residential rental market, which has slumped recently after a long stretch near the top of the commercial real-estate industry. For most of the current economic expansion, declining ownership rates have enabled landlords of apartments and single-family homes to raise rents far faster than the pace of inflation. Demand has been fueled by the millions of people who haven’t had the money, credit, or desire to pursue the traditional American dream.

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How Life Events Affect Financial Well-Being

You may be surprised by how much influence some life events can have on your overall well-being. Events in your life, like paying off debt or starting to exercise, can make your life better. And not just in your financial or personal life—many life events are also positively or negatively associated with well-being across 4 major areas: work, money, health, and your personal life. That’s according to a Fidelity survey of more than…

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Life Happens, and When it Does, Health and Wealth Are More Connected Than You Might Think, Fidelity Research Reveals

To find out how some of the most common life events impact total well-being, Fidelity collaborated with the Stanford Center on Longevity and surveyed more than 9,000 employees to understand how those events affected a person’s health and wealth, as well as their overall happiness and career.

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The Changing Economics and Demographics of Young Adulthood: 1975-2016

What does it mean to be a young adult? In prior generations, young adults were expected to have finished school, found a job, and set up their own household during their 20s—most often with their spouse and with a child soon to follow. Today’s young adults take longer to experience these milestones. What was once ubiquitous during their 20s is now not commonplace until their 30s. Some demographers believe the delays represent a new…

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