Optimizing Retirement Income Solutions in Defined Contribution Retirement Plans

Screen-Shot-2015-07-14-at-10.43.12-AM-300x232In collaboration with the Society of Actuaries, the Center has completed a four-phase project that identifies new retirement income solutions to be utilized by retirement plan advisors and consultants. The Summary Report integrates all four phases, and separate papers provide details on each phase.Two essays summarize the main ideas of the project.

Summary Report >

Essay: Designing and Communicating Retirement Plans for Humans >

Essay: A Portfolio Approach to Retirement Income Security >

Phase 1: Baseline, Interim Results and Commentary >

Phase 2: Enable Delay of Social Security Benefits, Interim Results and Commentary >

Phase 3: Using QLACs to Design Retirement Income Solutions, Interim Results and Commentary >

Phase 4: Strategies to Protect Retirement Income Before Retirement, Interim Results and Commentary >