Beneficial Effects of Tea on Longevity

The study analyzed data from 6387 participants and identified three distinct tea consumption trajectories. After a median follow-up of 17.9 years, it was found that high tea consumption was associated with a lower risk of mortality, but this effect was observed only in non-alcohol drinkers. Among current alcohol drinkers, increasing tea consumption was linearly associated with increased mortality. Additionally, the study revealed that alcohol intake masked the protective effect of tea consumption against blood pressure progression.

In conclusion, individuals with a long-term high tea consumption trajectory had a lower risk of all-cause mortality and a slower rate of blood pressure increase. However, the beneficial effects of tea consumption were diminished or even harmful in the presence of alcohol intake.

By: Michael Fredericson, MD

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  1. Alcohol intake masked the protective effects of tea consumption against all-cause mortality and blood pressure progression: Findings from CHNS cohort, 1993–2011