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Faculty Spotlight: Rob Jackson

Faculty Spotlight: Rob Jackson Rob Jackson and his lab examine the many ways in which people affect the Earth. They seek basic scientific knowledge and use it to help shape policies and reduce the environmental footprint of global warming, energy extraction, and other issues. Jackson is a faculty affiliate of SCL, and mentors two research [...]

Families Can Be Less Frenzied

Families Can Be Less FrenziedBy Kerry Grannis Post-pandemic, will we be able to preserve some of the slower pace we’re currently enjoying, or will we quickly return the old frenzy? My family is fortunate enough to live in an area with access to a multitude of activities that speak to our three teenagers’ varied interests, [...]

Intergenerational Relationships Can Happen Online

Intergenerational Relationships Can Happen OnlineBy Sasha Johfre When youth and older adults develop meaningful relationships, both parties benefit: older adults report better mental and physical health, and youth have lower rates of depression and better life outcomes. Even among adults, age-diverse teams at work are more productive than are age-segregated ones, and they provide high [...]

Sedentary Behavior and the Pandemic

Sedentary Behavior and the PandemicBy Megan Roche I’m an epidemiologist in progress, a physician, and a running coach for athletes ranging from run/walkers to people who run 100-mile races both professionally and for “fun.” Online run coaching, which works out to about 20% run coaching and 80% life journaling, provides an interesting insight into the [...]

After the Pandemic

After the PandemicBy Naomi Karp Prognosticators are picturing Places and times After the pandemic. I’ll take a leap of faith That such a day Will come. After the pandemic, I will never buy new clothes. Well, hardly ever. My closet overflows With a rainbow of garments (well, mostly black) That haven’t seen the light of [...]

Family Get Together

Family Get Together By Karen Gershowitz My family, like many in America, is spread out across the country.  We talk regularly, but mostly one-on-one.  Getting everyone together at the same time, in the same place has been a scheduling nightmare.  We all live very busy lives. Apart from funerals, weddings and graduations have been the [...]

Future and Current Fiscal Policy

Future and Current Fiscal PolicyBy William Gale, Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution The COVID-19 crisis has wreaked havoc on government budgets – in this country, in the states, and in nations around the world. But there is a potential silver lining. Public deficits and debt are soaring to levels never seen before, in part [...]

Funding Longevity: Evaluating Proposals to Improve Retirement Security

Funding Longevity: Evaluating Proposals to Improve Retirement Security Read the report The risks and challenges facing Americans today with regards to financial security and retirement readiness are well documented and widely reported.  Fortunately, there’s also a wide array of improvements and solutions being discussed in multiple sectors by different stakeholders. This report (based on expert interviews [...]

Social Distancing Redux

Social Distancing ReduxBy Ann Bennett Spence (Bian An) My mother, who died 25 years ago, was Chinese. One of the things she taught me fromthe first was a variation on what we’re now calling socialdistancing: having and keeping one’sown personal space. Many have said that “Asians” are less huggy, less kissy, than westerners.That’s certainly been [...]