8/4/2011 – Centenarians Have Plenty of Bad Habits Too

For those of us relying on healthy habits to get us to age 100, the findings from a new study of centenarians may come as a bit of a blow.

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7/22/11 – AARP seeks out most affordable places to retire

Not many Baby Boomers have taken the time to think about where they want to retire, according to a study by Hartford Financial Services Group.

Many are willing to just stay put as they grow older. And while some want to be close to family members, others are forced to stay where they are because their current home values have declined so much, reducing their equity.

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7/21/11 – Hospice Companies Zero In On Nursing Home Patients

Dying patients in nursing homes are an increasingly lucrative source of business for hospice companies, which have made a big push into these facilities, according to a federal audit that was just released.

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7/19/11 – Early lapses in memory shed light on Alzheimer's

Memory problems that are noticeable but not severe enough to interfere with daily living are receiving increased attention from scientists around the world who study Alzheimer’s disease.

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6/28/11 – If baby boomers stay in suburbia, analysts predict cultural shift

The nation’s suburbs are home to a rapidly growing number of older people who are changing the image and priorities of a suburbia formed around the needs of young families with children, an analysis of census data shows.

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6/27/11 – The Parkinson's Doctor Will Video Chat With You Now

People with chronic medical problems like Parkinson’s disease can have a hard time finding a specialist who can help them manage the disease. Some patients are turning to doctors hundreds of miles away to get the care they need. But they’re not driving to get to the doctor. They’re doing the medical version of telecommuting, despite the fact that many insurers won’t pay for it.

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6/24/11 – For AARP, A 'Monumental' Shift On Social Security?

For decades, AARP — the nation’s largest advocacy group for seniors — has been viewed as the most powerful defender of Social Security. As a result, any hint that the organization might entertain benefit cuts would be seen as an abrupt about-face.

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6/10/11 – Why Working Longer Won't Close Retirement Shortfalls

Deferring retirement, even for several years, won’t guarantee even a bare-bones retirement for millions of older Americans, according to a detailed study by the Employee Benefit and Research Institute (EBRI).

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6/4/11 – Between Young and Old, a Political Collision

Economic wreckage in America’s older population is easy to find in the ashes of recession. And when combined with the politics of a presidential election next year and talk in Congress of cuts to the system of health and economic support for retirees, the result could be volatile.

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6/3/11 – Fears, and Opportunities, on the Road to Retirement

“There’s definitely a longevity paradox,” said Marc Freedman, author of “The Big Shift: Navigating the New Stage Beyond Midlife,” (PublicAffairs, 2011). “The doctor tells you to exercise and eat well, while the editorial pages tell of a long gray wave of greedy geezers who won’t move aside to let younger workers in.”

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