9/29/2011 – Fixing the Third Rail

In an interview with First Business reporter Paul Eggers, Laura Carstensen, Director of the Standford University Center on Longevity, discusses how to fix the country’s social security problem.

12/1/09 – Loneliness Is Contagious: 4 Ways to Stay Connected as You Age

Center on Longevity director Laura L. Carstensen discusses opportunities for people to stay connected as they get older and a note on how they respond to political candidates’ communications.

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8/6/09 – Mental health, happiness improve with age, studies say

Aging has its upsides in terms of mental health and happiness, according to researchers speaking at the American Psychological Association meeting here.

Two California researchers — in separate presentions — say that mental health improves with age; most people get happier as they get older, and those who are older have more control over their emotions and are less negative.

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