11/11/2013 – Where? When? Couples facing retirement need to talk (USA Today)

Husband-and-wife Realty team Kevin Jordan and Lori Rust sometimes feel like they’re juggling a second job. “Not only do we have to be professionals in real estate and understand the market, we have to be marriage counselors to some degree,” Kevin says with a laugh.

Couples relocating to Greater Phoenix for retirement can be overwhelmed by their choices in the busy age-targeted market as well as the choices that must be made before the big move. That’s when Jordan, 56, and Rust, 57, have to step in to keep their house-hunting clients on track. “I would say that, with 75% of them, we have to bring them together in a decision,” Rust says. “There’s so much that goes into it — leaving your friends, starting out in new communities, considering your children. It’s such an emotional decision for these people. It’s really tough.”

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