Stanford Lifestyle Medicine Research Projects

Our team is actively working on several research projects within the field of Lifestyle Medicine. On this page you will find comprehensive list of our ongoing research projects and review papers. We believe in the power of collaboration and invite medical students and residents to join us in these endeavors. 

Our research projects cover a wide range of topics, including the effects of diet and exercise on chronic disease prevention, the impact of stress management techniques on mental health, and the role of sleep and circadian rhythms in overall well-being. We provide opportunities for medical students and residents to actively participate in data collection, analysis, and publication. In addition to research projects, we also encourage collaboration on review papers. These papers aim to synthesize existing knowledge and provide evidence-based recommendations for lifestyle interventions in various clinical settings. Medical students and residents can contribute by conducting literature reviews, critically analyzing the available evidence, and drafting sections of the papers. Please see below for research projects currently looking for contributors. 


Email [email protected] with your name, background, and projects you are interested in to be connected with the research team. 

Movement & Exercise

Cutting Edge Soft Tissue Recovery Modalities: A Narrative Review

  • This narrative review aims to compare the efficacy of various soft tissue recovery modalities, such as  percussion therapy, cupping, muscle scraping, and active release therapy.  
  • Matt Kaufman, Michael Fredericson, Maya Shetty, + 1 student needed

Exercise Snacks Impact on Sedentary Lifestyle: A Systematic Review Focused on Low Resource Utilization

  • This systematic review aims to understand how exercise snacks, or brief snippets of exercise, every hour impacts a sedentary lifestyle. This review will focus on low resource utilization papers (no stairs, no equipment).
  • Marily Oppezzo, Michael Fredericson, Matt Kaufman, + 2 student needed

Peer Coaching Exercise Snack Intervention Study: Interrupting Prolonged Sitting with Short Bursts of 2-5 Minute Aerobic Activity

  • This pilot study aims to understand if the introduction of short bouts of exercise can cause longterm behavior change in sedentary individuals. The study team will work with management to introduce 2-3 minute exercise bouts into the work day of sedentary workers. Recruitment for this study will begin in the fall of 2023. 
  • Previous data has been collected on exercise snack studies and the research team is also looking for students to analyze this data to identify meaningful findings. 
  • Marily Oppezzo + 4 student needed

Healthful Nutrition

Supplements for Athletic Recovery: A Narrative Review

Nutrition Optimization Prior To and During Exercise & Impacts on Performance

  • This paper investigates the critical role of nutrition optimization before and during exercise and its impact on athletic performance, considering both the timing and type of nutritional sustenance.   
  • Marily Oppezzo, Michael Fredericson, Matt Kaufman, + 2 student needed