Maya Shetty

Maya Shetty, BS

Lifestyle Medicine Research Lead
Stanford University

Maya graduated from Stanford University in 2022, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology with a concentration in Biodesign for Human Health and Performance. As an aspiring physician, she is now the Research Lead for Stanford Lifestyle Medicine, aiming to bridge the gap between cutting-edge medical research and practical health literacy.

During her time at Stanford, Maya was a goalkeeper for the women’s soccer team, served in the Senior Cabinet, and volunteered at Jasper Ridge Farm. Her passion for healthy aging and human performance led her to research opportunities with Bio-X, the Wu Tsai Human Performance Alliance, and the wellness startup Apeiron Life. Her projects included the development of augmented reality surgical tools, the use of smartwatch data for proactive injury prediction, and the creation of algorithms to quantify the impact of lifestyle choices on healthspan. Outside of her professional interests, Maya enjoys gardening, cooking, and hiking.