The New Map of Life™ Initiative, created by the Stanford Center on Longevity, aims to answer the question, how can we best live a 100-year life? The current three-stage standard for life: education, work and family, and retirement was designed for those living half of our expected lifespan, and no longer satisfy the needs of our current population. Through multidisciplinary research, the Stanford Center on Longevity’s New Map of Life™ Fellows work to develop new models of living, and redefine what it means to age. 

Over the course of the two-year Fellowship, Fellows investigate and find solutions in the areas of early childhood development, education, healthcare technologies, housing policies, financial planning, environmental viability, and physical health for a 100-year life. In addition, Fellows meet in weekly seminars to share their research, discuss solutions, and hear from guest speakers. The Fellowship concludes in a final research paper detailing the Fellows individual research. Fellow’s may also be asked to present their work at conferences, participate in podcasts, or contribute to group manuscripts.  


Stanford Lifestyle Medicine is proud to partner with the Center on Longevity in their efforts and have sponsored a Fellow for the New Map of Life™ Program since the program’s creation in 2019. Here are our current and past Fellows:

Megan Roche

2019-2021 New Map of Life Fellow

Brigid Riedy

2021-2023 New Map of Life Fellow