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James Phills

Research interests: The emerging area of social innovation, in particular, the growing exchange of ideas, talent, capital, and values across sector boundaries and the shifting roles and relationships between of business, government, and nonprofits in development of innovative solutions to social problems; learning at the group, organizational, and societal levels of analysis Department: Graduate School […]

Jeffrey Pfeffer

Thomas D. Dee II Professor of Organizational Behavior Research interests: Turning knowledge into action and getting things done; building high performance organizations and cultures; the paths to power; profiting from evidence based management Department: Graduate School of Business Email: pfeffer_jeffrey@gsb.stanford.edu Phone: (650) 723-2915 Address: 518 Memorial Way Stanford, CA 94305 Website: http://www.gsb.stanford.edu/faculty-research/faculty/jeffrey-pfeffer

Margaret Neale

Adams Distinguished Professor of Management, Stanford Graduate School of Business; Director of the Managing Teams for Innovation and Success Executive Program; Director of the Influence and Negotiation Strategies Executive Program; Co-Director of the Executive Program for Women Leaders Research Interests: Negotiation and team performance; judgment and decision-making research from cognitive psychology to the field of […]

Roderick Kramer

William R. Kimball Professor of Organizational Behavior Research interests: Social psychology of trust and distrust, cooperation, creativity, decision making, leadership, impression management, social identity theory, group processes and decision making, organizational paranoia Email: kramer_rod@gsb.stanford.edu Phone: (650) 723-2158 Address: Knight 309 Graduate School of Business Stanford, California 94305 Website: https://gsbapps.stanford.edu/facultyprofiles/biomain.asp?id=23435009

Ron Howard

Professor of Management Science and Engineering and, by courtesy, of Management Science in the Graduate School of Business Research interests: Decision analysis discipline, the development of a language of decision-making, and how people make life-and-death decisions Email: rhoward@stanford.edu Phone: (650) 723-4176 Address: Terman 420 Stanford, CA 94305 Website: http://soe.stanford.edu/research/layoutMSnE.php?sunetid=rhoward

Alain Enthoven

Marriner S. Eccles Professor of Public and Private Management, Emeritus Research interests: Financing and delivery of health care in the United States and other industrialized nations; cost-benefit decisions in health care Email: enthoven@stanford.edu Phone:(650) 723-0641 Address: Graduate School of Business 222 Stanford University Stanford, CA 94305 Website: http://fsi.stanford.edu/people/alaincenthoven/

Jennifer Aaker

General Atlantic Professor of Marketing; Ormond Family Faculty Research interests: Time, money and happiness; emotions and health; culture and global brands; psychology of giving Email: aaker_jennifer@gsb.stanford.edu Phone: (650) 724-4440 Address: Graduate School of Business Stanford University 518 Memorial Way Stanford, CA 94305 Website: http://faculty-gsb.stanford.edu/aaker/

Expert Consensus on Brain Health

There is no greater concern among aging people than the prospect of diminished capacity and the loss of independence. The potential loss of mental abilities may be the most worrisome of all. As we age, even relatively benign losses associated with normal aging, like forgetting where you put something or having a word on the […]