Thea Swenson

Thea Swenson, MD

PM&R Resident, Vanderbilt University

Theodora (Thea) Lananh Swenson received a Bachelor’s of Science in Engineering: Product Design from Stanford University and a Medical Degree from the University of Colorado. She is currently a third year resident in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at Vanderbilt University.

Thea has interests in storytelling, lifestyle medicine, and healthcare technology. In her spare time, she is involved in resident wellness, works on medical student education, and mentors health tech start-ups. Her other hobbies include running, yoga, Lagree, photography, and traveling. 
“I am passionate about wellness and optimizing performance. I believe that wellness is complex, multifaceted, and more than just a state in which there is a lack of burnout. Wellness is a proactive state driven by lifestyle choices. I hope to combine my training in design with my medical experiences in order to motivate change and empower all patients in their pursuit of wellness.”