Maris Loeffler, LMFT, MA
Founder of Agate Therapy
Marriage and Family Therapist

Maris is a Brainspotting Certified Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist practicing in Sacramento, California. Maris graduated with her Masters in Counseling Psychology from Saint Mary’s College of California in 2016. Additionally, she holds two Bachelor’s Degrees, in Music and Psychology, from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.

Maris is passionate about trauma-informed care in the treatment of anxiety and stress disorders. Maris’ specialties in clinical practice include PTSD/CPTSD, grief and anxiety disorders. Maris served as a panel speaker for the UC Davis Mental Health Conference in 2021, and was featured as a grief therapy expert guest on The Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Podcast.

Maris’ academic publications include Synesthesia and a Comparative Analysis of Colored Composition (2013) and Attachment Theory and an Equine Prison-Based Animal Program: A Case Study (2016), available on academic databases. Additionally, the abstract for Synesthesia and a Comparative Analysis of Colored Composition (2013) was selected by the University of Vienna for a conference on music and synesthesia in 2020.

Maris’ vision is to revolutionize healthcare by emphasizing the crucial link between mental well-being and lifestyle choices, ultimately fostering a society where mental health is prioritized as a cornerstone of overall wellness.

Personally, Maris is a classically trained pianist, competitive equestrian and avid weightlifter. She is focused on advancing the knowledge frontier in mental health treatment. Maris values social connection, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and collaborating with passionate minds in service to evolve wellness science and benefit the greater good.