Paige Dyrek

Paige Dyrek, MD

PGY-2 Resident
Stanford Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Paige Dyrek is a third year resident in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Stanford. She received her degree in osteopathic medicine from Western University of Health Sciences where she joined the Nutrition in Medicine (NiM) program, a subset of the Healthy Living and Wellness Initiative that focuses on incorporating healthy nutrition into clinical practice. Prior to medical school, she played soccer at the Division 1 level and completed her undergraduate degree in biological sciences at Lehigh University. Paige has a particular interest in lifestyle medicine as it relates to human performance and plans to pursue a career in musculoskeletal and sports medicine.

“There are so many choices that we make on a daily basis that have an impact on our physical and mental health. By prioritizing a healthy diet, regular physical exercise, sleep hygiene, and stress management, we gain a little control over our current and future wellbeing. I’m excited to be part of this progressive team and look forward to emphasizing lifestyle medicine education within the medical community so that we can provide a more holistic approach to patient care.”