Peter Park, CSCS

Fitness & Wellness Coach
Owner of Platinum Fitness

Founder of the Platinum brand and co-owner of the Platinum Fitness Summerland facility in Santa Barbara County, CA, brings a past rich with his own professional athletic achievements to his 23 years of experience training elite athletes, big-screen celebrities, top touring musicians, and common citizens that are serious about their fitness, mobility, and longevity. As a culmination of his experience, Peter recently authored a book on Foundation training, which lengthens and strengthens the back body, equaling out one’s total body strength, posture, flexibility, and overall body awareness.

Though his UCLA education, his extensive time as a pro-athlete, and his commitment to training others is unprecedented, Peter’s reputation is anchored and sustained by his ability to perceive a client’s body’s strengths and weaknesses by observing their energy and listening carefully to their personal goals. He understands the competing tug of war many of us face between our daily lives and our dreams. He has a way of motivating people past their perceived barriers and into places of physical strength and physical fine-tuning that they never knew possible.

Peter’s skill for reading a client’s personality, and body, and tailoring a program to match their needs and goals has resulted in his training of the NBA, PGA, USTA, and many individual pro, collegiate, and high school athletes reaching towards pro-sports careers. Lakey Petersen, Kelly Slater, Derek Fisher, Al Horford, Diana Taurasi, Jabari Parker, Anthony Davis, Chad Reed,Ken Roczen, Giancarlo Stanton, Justin Verlander and Lance Armstrong are among the athletes that Peter has nurtured through various stages of their careers.

On the otherhand, Peter enjoys his work with many top celebrities and CEO’s. Included in this list is Rob Lowe, Harry Styles, Joaquin Phoenix, Don Johnson, Jeff Bridges, Kate Upton.

Peter says this, “ Every athlete or client is unique and the key is find the motivational tools that work best for them. One may like an aggressive drill-sergeant type approach, while others may respond better to a calm methodical, detailed approach. If you don’t read the individual right and take the wrong approach you will lose that athlete or client very quickly. Every client has different needs that they want out of a fitness program. The key is to be intuitive and skillfully match the fitness program with the client.”