Rusly Harsono

Rusly Harsono, MD, MSc, MBA, FAAP, DipABLM

Head, Lifestyle Medicine Social Engagement
Clinical Assistant Professor Pediatrics & Critical Care
Stanford University School of Medicine

Dr. Harsono is board certified in general pediatrics, pediatric critical care medicine and lifestyle medicine. He also has degrees in Master of Business Administration and Master of Science in Leadership.

Dr. Harsono spends his life long career serving children and families throughout different spectrums of their health and wellness journey, from healthy growing children to those unfortunate very sick and vulnerable ones. He is a part Stanford Children’s Health and John Muir Health partnership to bring comprehensive children’s specialty services closer to home for families in Contra Costa County and the surrounding communities.

“I am honored to be a part of the amazing team at Stanford Lifestyle Medicine. Children need lifestyle medicine just as much as adults do if not more. It is harder to repair broken men than building stronger children. Embracing pillars of lifestyle medicine (nutritious food choices, continually active – moving well, restorative sleep, stress management, social engagement – loving relationship, meaning – purpose – gratitude, cognitive enhancement) from infancy is the first step in developing healthy lifestyle routines.”