Judee Humburg

Managing Director, Full Circle Stories

HumburgAs a UX researcher, Judee was a storyteller of consumers’ expectations, goals, hopes and dreams. For 36 years, she curated everyday routines to assist techn developers in enhancing the user experience. Utilizing user-centered data, she connected marketers, designers, coders, writers, and usability experts with audiences in new and delightful ways. Judee’s work was behind a number of breakthroughs such as Intuit’s Quicken and QuickBooks, as well as Nuance Voice Technology’s Say Anything. In her early work as a Montessori educator, Judee developed a close understanding of contextual observations, deep listening, and enthnographic research skills.

Now leading Full Circle Stories, Judee works to enhance longevity through mixed-media oral histories for Stanford, Bay Area schools, sustainability-focused non-profits and multi-generational families, enriching the culture by gathering wisdom from individuals’ stories and personal experiences.